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Best budget Chocolate Thermometer

CDN Digital Candy Thermometer
Component Design NW, Inc.

Take the guesswork out of making candy, this innovative CDN digital candy thermometer unit is pre-programmed for precision. An instant read-out shows temperature during your candy making and an alert sounds when the temperature is ideal for hard or soft candy.

Consumer Reports
  • “This is working very well for me.” – ZS
  • “I also like that in addition to the preset temperatures for candy, I can set my own customized preset temperature and it will alarm me accordingly.” – F. Mohammed
  • “I thermometer works but he clip would not hold it to the side of the pan, when I tried to adjust the clip position the tack weld broke.” – Jim W

Polder THM-515 Candy/Jelly/Deep Fry Thermometer, Stainless Steel

Polder has been offering everyday products with extraordinary design since its launch. The company was established in 1976, delivering better quality European-styled housewares to the U.

Consumer Reports
  • “This thermometer is very well made and easy to use and read.” – R. Billings
  • “It works perfectly and the clip on the back keeps it attached to the side of the pan securely.” – Joan
  • “You can use it for candy or deep frying!” – MNorris

Cook-Rite Glass Candy and Deep Fry Thermometer

Glass Candy & Deep Fry Thermometer, includes pot/pan clip, dishwasher safe, protective storage sleeve

Consumer Reports
  • “It works great and easy to read.” – Silvia V. Duby
  • “The numbers on the thermometer were easy to read.” – Patti Gettinger
  • “I used it for the first time to make toffee.” – Kaity

Component Design Digital Candy Thermometer, Timer and Clock
Component Design

Never interrupt cooking time or temperature again by opening the oven with the CDN Combo Probe probe thermometer, digital timer, and clock. Featuring large text, the display is easy to read and usable by those with even the worst eyesight.

Consumer Reports
  • “This is the perfect candy thermometer.” – D. Hearn
  • “The large digital numbers are easy to read also .” – Joel Sherwood
  • “I needed the manual to change the settings.” – Orphee

CDN Chocolate Tempering Thermometer
Component Design NW, Inc.

For those who are pros or who just want to dabble in the delight of making fudge, truffles, dipped candies and other sweets, this chocolate tempering thermometer will prove invaluable.

Wilton Candy Thermometer

This precision stainless steel thermometer is essential for making hard candy, nougat, fudge and more. Simply clamp to side of bowl or pan; the bulb is held securely without touching sides for precise readings.

Consumer Reports
  • “I’ve made candy with these several times already; caramel, marshmallow, etc.” – C. Tien
  • “Its easy to read, accurate, and durable.” – Darrell Smith
  • “I make candy year round and have gone through three of these thermometers in 2011 alone.” – Tracy Lauth

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